We are Women Intentionally Living our Dreams!

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I’m Coach JaVaughna, Creative Life Planner, Strategic Life Manager and proud WILD MOM!

My passion is teaching ambitious, motivated and resilient women with children how to reclaim their power, plan out their dreams and be the woman they were designed to be.

Ladies, it’s ok to start where you are, right now. It’s ok to be afraid or nervous about the outcome. But it is not ok to just be still! How are you living if you aren’t “living”?

Answer this for me….

Have you ever felt like you weren’t living up to your potential? Like you were letting the woman inside of you down? Like you were falsifying your own happiness just to save face?

Well I can tell you; you are not alone! There are women all over the world battling with themselves daily about what their life should look like. Mental and emotional barriers, family obligations and responsibilities, and lack of support are common causes for stagnant growth and self- limiting beliefs.

But change is coming!!!!

A shift must take place in order to create the transition you are so desperately looking for.

I know, it feels like the weight of the world is sitting on your shoulders- your kids need you, your significant other needs you, your friends need you, your parents need you- but guess what? You need you! You cannot give your loved ones everything they need to thrive if you are empty inside.

You have to nourish the tree for the fruit to grow.

You must learn to break the chains that are holding you back and take the necessary steps to become fulfilled and authentically happy as the woman you are designed to be.

If you are ready to take those steps, embark on YOUR journey to fulfillment and live the life designed specifically for you, let’s work! 

What is personal fulfillment? It is the achievement of life goals that are important to you, in contrast to those of society, family and other obligations.

Why is personal fulfillment important? Once you agree to live instead of just exist, you find yourself feeling content with your decisions, happy with where you are in life and in tune with your needs, wants and desires- without guilt.

As your coach, adviser, confidant and supporter, I help guide you on a much-needed journey of self- reflection, self-awareness and self- actualization.

Together we

1. Uncover the REAL you – we talk about your dreams, goals, and aspirations; we look at what drives you and makes you tick; we examine the people in your life and the effect their presence has on your environment (good or bad); and we work to unlock the things you desire to see come forth during our time together.

2. Prepare for your transformation – we dream cast what the future YOU will look like and work to bring “her” into your current reality; we determine what changes need to take place on the inside so that you can flourish on the outside. (Your evolvement must be your priority!)

3. Do THE WORK – we craft those courageous conversations you must have at work and at home; we break through the mental and emotional barriers that are limiting your success; we dig into the past to uncover where those blocks came from and replace those negative beliefs with positive thoughts and affirmations.

4. Discover your designed life – we create a life map for you to follow that will allow you to unlock the life designed specifically for you (we all have a purpose); we strategize solutions to scenarios that may arise on your journey, so you never feel unprepared.

5. Unapologetically walk into your Greatness – you take all the work we’ve done, implement what you’ve learned, and YOU walk it like YOU talk it!

Are you ready to rock is like a real Boss?

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