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Clarity Session

-(fast tracked, one on one coaching)

Does this sound like you?

  • Angry but don’t want to be
  • Tired of going to a job you hate
  • Harboring resentment because of past choices
  • Need more control in your life
  • Nobody understands how you feel
  • This life is not the life you envisioned
  • You need a change ASAP

Have you ever needed guidance, clarity or support as a woman managing multiple responsibilities and trying so hard not to BREAK?  

A breakthrough session is exactly what you need! 

In 3 hours, we break down the who’s, why’s, how’s and what’s that are causing you to feel unhappy, frustrated and lost. We tap into those inner emotional and mental barriers to help you breakthrough the blocks and create your exit plan. Your exit plan is the guide to your happy place- the place where you can become the woman you are destined to be. 

These 3-hour sessions are intense and only suggested for women [with children] that are ready to step out of their comfort zone and do some reflection in order to reach a new level in life. 

Discovery Session

– (follow up sessions)

Had your breakthrough session? Did some work? Got some results? Feeling like you need some reassurance and unapologetic mom support? Don’t know exactly what you need help with? 

Then you should set up a power hour with me ASAP! We need to chat. This session will help us map out the next steps on your journey to fulfillment, happiness and freedom. 

A 60-minute session to gain clarity, receive accountability and recognize where you are disconnected on your journey to personal fulfillment. During your session we will create a plan with actionable steps to move you forward in feeling fulfilled and satisfied with achieving your goals and reaching your happy place. 


90 Day Success Plan

– (payment plans available)

As a woman, you wear many different hats- caregiver, wife, daughter, friend, confidant, counselor, supporter, chef, maid and more. As a mother those roles are amplified, and the expectations others place on you are magnified. You must not only be present for your family but be the Superwoman that everyone needs. And it’s HARD!!!

When and how are you doing anything for yourself if you are always doing and being everything to everyone else? 

If you struggle with finding your happy place in life as a woman while still being supermom, the Woman to Woman program is for you.  

This is a 6-month commitment to yourself! This program is NOT for the woman that is afraid to become uncomfortable. 

We will work together, hand in hand, for 6 months to get you from where you are to a place you are happy to be. This a program designed for the mother that is 100% ready to Elevate, Amplify and Dominate in EVERY area of her life that she has been silently struggling with. You WILL get very familiar with being uncomfortable because that feeling of being uncomfortable causes you to take immediate action to change your circumstances. If happiness, fulfillment, success and peace of mind are your desires, then this program is exactly what you have been waiting and searching for. 

Schedule a call with me today because tomorrow might be too late!

The Girl Boss Guide to Greatness: Be the Leader of Your Dreams


Need guidance but coaching isn’t in your budget right now? That’s ok, because I have something amazing just for you!  

You can grab a copy of my bestselling book that takes you on a journey through the 6 pathways to Girl Boss Greatness, get access to my self- awareness course and upload the self- assessment I use for all my clients to help with their transformations. This course will prompt you to take a look at yourself and help you get some clarity around finding your happy place.  

*****This is not your typical motivational book either. It is a personal growth tool to help women recognize and maximize their potential. The book covers self- awareness, overcoming obstacles, gaining clarity around your purpose, balancing responsibilities and adjusting after failure. If you desire to be the best at what you do and become the leader of your life, “The Girl Boss Guide to Greatness” will help you achieve just that!

Are you ready to rock is like a real Boss?

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