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Be Intentional About Making Your Dreams Come True!

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I’m JaVaughna Bevel, Clarity Coach, Strategic Visionary and proud WILD MOM!

My passion is teaching ambitious women with children how to intentionally plan out and execute their dreams. 

Through the years, I realized that many women have the dream/vision that they want for themselves, but lack the ability to exceute. And not because they are lazy, but because strategy just isn’t their super power. 

Well guess what? It’s mine! All my life I have been a planner. I need processes and structure to function. Honestly, it’s a gift and sometimes a curse (ask my family why ?). When I decided to move my family from Maryland to Georgia in 2019, I planned that out for months. And it was the smoothest transition ever. Even through being nervous, it was the planning and structure that kept all 6 of us sane. Even with the vision I had of our move, the planning was the key to success.

And that remains true for eveything I do personally and with my clients. They come to me with a vision/goal/audacious dream, and I create the strategy. It is a harmonized relationship.

Answer this for me….

Have you ever felt like you weren’t living up to your potential? Like you were sitting on your greatness? Like you were sabatoging your own dream?

Well, you’re not alone! There are women all over the world battling with themselves daily about what their life should look like. Decision fatigue, mind clutter, disorganized thoughts, family obligations, career responsibilities, and lack of support are common causes for stagnant growth and self- limiting beliefs.

But change is coming!!!!

You must shift how you’ve been operating! Organization and priortization need to become your focus so that you’re cup doesn’t run empty.

I know, it feels like the weight of the world is sitting on your shoulders- your kids need you, your significant other needs you, your friends need you, your job needs you- but guess what? You need you! You cannot give everyone else what they need to thrive if you are empty inside.

The truth is, you are going to have to do something different to get a different result! I know, so cliche, and yet so very true. If you continue to allow disorganization, fear, uncertanity and mind clutter to be your comfort zone, you will never really achieve your desired outcome. (ask me how I know)

If you are tired of being tired and know that your dreams matter, let’s work! I promise that together we will get you to a place where you are experiencing personal fulfillment and true alignment.

What is personal fulfillment? It is the achievement of life goals that are important to you, in contrast to those of society, family and other obligations.

Why is personal fulfillment important? Once you agree to live instead of just exist, you find yourself feeling content with your decisions, happy with where you are in life and in tune with your needs, wants and desires- without guilt.

As your coach, adviser, confidant and supporter, I use the gifts I was given to help you reduce the overwhelm and focus on your desired result. I believe that your vision was given to you on purpose, and you would be doing the world a disservice if you don’t see it through. 

Stepping into your WILD side

1. Get R.E.A.L. – yes, you will have to get REAL when it comes to your dreams/goals/vision and actions. For you to truly achieve your desired outcome, answer these questions as you move along. This includes the plan you create, the actions you take and the decisions you make. Is it Realistic for you (if you envision yourself doing it, than the answer is YES!)? Is it Exact (specific)? Is it Aligned? Is it or will it lead to something [Life] fulfilling?

2. Find your 3 C’s – you need 3 things to help you stay grounded as you pursue your dreams: Clarity, Confidence, Courage! The WILD Moms, 3 C’s of success.

3. Make self-care a priorty – your goals/ dreams/vision will not happen without proper self- care. It is a proven fact that neglecting yourself affects you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

5. Unapologetically walk into your Greatness – take all that clarity and confidence you’ve gathered and courageously work your plan, because your ARE a Woman Intentionally Living your Dreams!

Are you ready to be a WILD Mom?

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